Thursday, January 18, 2018

Container Solutions

Pots are Pots Right?

Well it all depends on how you look at it. If your only focus is on using it as a decorative container to cover a plant you’re correct. But if you look beyond that and see the Riverside containers as a solution you may see something completely different.

Riverside containers have found some very interesting solutions to some customers.

Hide the Sand storage….

Golf is big business throughout the country. Country Club dues aren’t cheap and members expect things to be “kept up” for what they’re paying. 

As in any business there is always the “dirty side” whether it’s manufacturing, growing plants, cleaning the mall or golf courses. 

What’s the “dirty side” of golf?


Lawn mowers need to be maintained, sprayers, fertilizer storage, irrigation parts and bunker sand. All those things that go “undetected” when you’re playing a round of golf. You just want to enjoy the landscape and hope you get a birdie on the next hole.

What you don’t want to see is the maintenance area… but all of it has to go somewhere… 

One of our customers found Riverside to be their solution. It seems that some of the country club patrons did a little complaining about the bunker sand that was “piled up” and how it just didn’t enhance their golfing experience.

The course superintendent found a solution in Riverside’s 60” Cylinder Planters. The super ordered 8 – 60” containers in a color that complimented the grounds (by the way all of the planters come in over 40 colors). He planted trees in the containers and simply “hid” the sand. The trees were also “portable” and could be moved where needed.

This cleaned up the “bunker sand” and helped give the maintenance area a polished look. The containers are decorative, lightweight, can be used inside or outside, come in a variety of colors (over 40), can handle all temperature ranges and stay outside all year long. 

It’s simple math… a happy patron = a happy superintendent and Riverside provided the solution.

Here’s another country club Riverside solution.

Some duffers… I mean golfers are better than others. Some take a little extra turf when they hit the ball.

One of our customers needed a solution. They needed a sturdy, good looking, decorative container to put sand in for divots to keep around the Tee boxes.

Which one would you have chosen?

Their choice Riverside’s

Low Rolled Rim Planter. 

Another Country Club – hosting one of the major PGA events – used Riverside containers to dress up some of the areas with flowers.;

They chose Riverside containers because they were easy to order, come in a variety of colors, worked with the existing landscape and look great on national TV.

Those are just a few solutions that Riverside Plastics containers have provided. Do you have one?

Send it in and we’ll feature it here.


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