Thursday, January 18, 2018

Pedestal Planters

Pedestal Planters, interior exterior use, made from durable, extremely strong polyethylene

  • Elevate your plantscape using pedestal bowl planters to add dimension and depth to your plant design
  • For interior or exterior use — regardless of climate
  • Manufactured using durable, extremely strong polyethylene.
  • Our Pedestal planters are made from light-weight materials and allow for nesting capability to reduce shipping cost.
  • Over 40 plus colors available — special color matches on request.
  • Measurements may vary, colors may vary slightly
  • Won’t chip or crack
  • Made In The U.S.A.

Item No. Top O.D. Base O.D. Height
P-18 12" 18" 18"
PB-24 24"   28"
PB-28 28"   31"
LOPB 24"   23"
Item No. Top O.D. Base O.D. Height
P-18 31 cm 46 cm 46 cm
PB-24 61 cm   25 cm
PB-28 71 cm   33 cm
LOPB 61 cm   14 cm


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